Amanda Palmer & The Grand theft orchestra|Koko London|23rd Oct ’12


yesterday I’ve witnessed the most extraordinary show in my life. Amanda Palmer just blew my mind out of my little fucking ginger head!!

Not only she is the sexiest woman of the universe (oooh yes, girls, weep bitterly, because she is just THE WOMAN, all capitals, I wish I’d be third the woman she is, and guys, weep bitterly too because…you know…you got Neil Gaiman to hate for the rest of your lives now) but also an amazing talent in every way. As a part of the audience you feel she is there for you, she enjoys that you enjoy her and there is the atmostphere of a collective conspiracy even. I’ve been to a Radiohead gig couple weeks ago which was smashing and gorgeous, but this!! I mean I had really high expectations of Amanda, but I didn’t expect that, the show had just everything: it was funny, it was sad, it was touching, it was heart tearing, the guests were just ace, all it was intense, immense, drop-dead gorgeous…we all went home chopped into little shreds.

So just enjoy this:

+ I touched her leg!! as we all held her above our heads, floating and singing and being beautiful with a long long long veil, that covered us as a protective shield almost.

+ one of her all very awesome guests was Neil Gaiman!! which brings me to the second point I wanted to write about today: Anyone who’s going to London, or thinking about going to London, or just fancy London or maybe not even that, just please please read this book:

I’ve read it at home a few years ago and re-read it here quite recently and loved it again. Having read this book every single dull tube travel becomes a little pleasure brightening up your day, as you hear the names of the stops you are in facts constantly reminded of the book’s characters, places, stories and plots, so you can’t ever forget the book and as an outsider/non-Londonner you start to feel bit more familiar about the places around here.

So hail to Amanda & Neil, the world’s most incredible couple


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