loved ones|polaroid gallery


although I’m having a great time here, I sincerely miss you all.
Took these just before I left with my Polaroid camera and took them with me, to have you all close.
So without any special order: The loved ones, with all my heart:


+ as a loveliest bonus you can ever imagine: the London crew


and as a second bonus a little quiz:

Imagine you’re walking home alone, quite late at night and a huge huge huge black guy shouts at you: “Hey, babes, I really love your hair!!!” The first thing that pops into your mind is:

a) Oh, what a nice, tall and muscular person that is! He must be working out all day long! Oh, good for him!

b) IhatemyhairIhatemyhairIhatemyhair

c) Cheers, babes, I grow them myself.

d) Mommy, I’m scared!



PS: I got defeated and admitted that my “umbrellas are stupid and unnecessary” theory has some serious flaws which resulted in buying an umbrella, but it has little squirrels on it, so I’m quite sattisfied, needless to say I quite often forget to bring it with me and get soaked anyway.


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