LL script|Lenka stabilo


sincere apologies for the long long long break, it was mainly because of the school work, but now I am proud (and anxious and excited and nervous) to present “Lenka stabilo”. Font based on my own handwriting, a part of my school project and my constant companion past two months. I am still working on it, so please consider this as a demo kind of version, I hope to finish more masterly version soon.
The name was LL script in the begining, then it was squirreLL for a tiny while, but my tutor recomended me to name it Lenka and as my housemate Mike said: Lenka even sounds like a font name! So here it is:

This is the “official” note I’m putting everywhere, so I’ll stick it here too.

I’m sending it to myfonts.com and dafont.com and pages like that right now to be approved, so links for that soon to follow (if I don’t get rejected hihihi).
Now feel free to download it here if interested:

enjoy, love